Thursday, 3 November 2016

World travel inquiry

Congratulations you have just landed yourself a job as a travel agent!

Since you are new to the job your boss has given you two weeks and $20,000 NZD to go and explore a new continent so you can give quality advice to future clients.
You need to plan your trip in detail and create a travel publication of your trip plan and information.

Open up Google Classroom to access further information to complete this inquiry.

Today you need to;
1. Choose which continent you will travel to. Your choices are:
                * Africa
                * Asia
                * Europe
                * North America
                * South America
2. Find a map of the continent
3. Identify which countries are part of this continent
4. Learn about this continent - find useful information and facts that future clients would be interested in
5. Begin your first pages of your travel publication with the information you have gathered

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