Thursday, 10 November 2016

World Travel Inquiry - Lesson 3

By now you should have the following completed.
  1. Page on your continent
  2. Page on your first country
  3. Information regarding flights to your first country/city

Make sure you are up to speed and not falling behind
Put your phone away... move away from people who distract you... stay off Facebook/YouTube/Games... Do what YOU need to do to complete the work! Make good choices

Today we are going to start our itinerary.
An itinerary is a detailed plan of each day. Things to remember to include...

  a) Your flight information for arriving in your first city (Flight from NZ)

  b) What are you going to do for the remainder of your arrival day? (Go site seeing? Go to a hotel and sleep?)

  c) What you will do for your first full day in that city?
- Tourist attractions / Site seeing
- Accommodation for that night (Address, cost, type of accomm etc)
- Transport options (Hire a car? Catch a bus/train? Walk?)

  d) Make sure you keep a record of the amount of money you will need to spend to cover expenses 

Here is ONE example of a BASIC itinerary, there are other examples on Google Classroom and you can search the internet as well. The more detail you include the better... Notice how this does not include costs, transport, accommodation etc.

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