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For the next 4 weeks we will focus on the strand - Statistics.  You will also have the opportunity to achieve NCEA Level 1 numeracy, a total of 3 credits in this assessment:

Standard 26626:  Interpret statistical information for a purpose

To achieve these credits, you will be involved in some physical practical activities to enable gathering of data to read, interpret and provide statistical information.  We will revise on areas within statistics prior to taking on each assessment. Below is a schedule for the next 5 weeks of the term

Week 4
Revisit - Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Week 5
Practical assessment - Maths for Numeracy - Time for success
Week 6
Revisit - Statistical graphs
Week 7
Practicial assessment - Numeracy in the outdoors
Week 8
Numeracy in the outdoors - EVALUATION

Image result for mean median mode and range

Week 5 - Revisit

Statistics - Alpha workbook mahi.  

Please complete this work in your maths book…

Click here for - ANSWERS

Mean, Median, Mode - online ACTIVITIES

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