Thursday, 13 October 2016

Inquiry term 3 : Work and Careers

You have until week 3 to complete a range of different tasks of your choosing. Due date: Friday 28th October

Each task you complete will be marked using Achieved, Merit or Excellence.
If you complete more than the required minimum tasks (under each heading), the task with the highest grade will be awarded.

Each task you complete will be assessed as follows:
Not Achieved - Has not provided enough information in completing this activity
Achieved - Has provided information to a satisfactory level
Merit - Has provided all information to a competent level
Excellence - Has provided all information to an advanced level

You need to complete the following:
Remembering: 2 tasks
Understanding: 2 tasks
Applying: 2 tasks
Analysing: 1 task
Evaluation: 1 task
Creating: 1 task

What is work
Types of work
Factual answers, recall and recognition
Give 5 examples of different types of jobs. What is the difference between work and leisure?
List all the jobs you can think of in 10 minutes
What jobs are traditionally only available to one gender?
Interview 10 classmates and find out what types of work they would like to do
What does the word Māia mean?
What are the 5 different industries shown in the videos on the Māia careers website?
Translating, interpreting, showing understanding
Suggest reasons why people have to work.
What benefits do people obtain from working?
Why do certain jobs attract higher pay rates than others?
Give examples of occupations which use gender inclusive titles. Which occupations do not use such titles?
What are some of the factors that influence career / work choices?
Identify 5 attributes/qualities that you think employers are looking for in young people. Briefly explain why these are important
Using information gained in different, familiar situations
What are some jobs that can be done equally as well from home as from an office?
How can this be achieved?
Choose one vocational pathway and identify what jobs fit under this pathway. What skills/interests might a person have who is interested in these careers?
Examine the types of occupations portrayed by men and women in popular TV programs. Can any conclusions be drawn?
Discuss what makes a ‘good job’. List some things that are important to you in a future working environment
What is work-life balance and what is the importance of this?
Identify problems and solutions
Break into parts to examine more closely
Contrast/Compare paid and unpaid work. What makes a successful career?
Create a graphic organiser and identify the following for 5 different jobs
1. Explain what the job entails
2. Pay rate (yearly), 3. Years of training required
4. Qualifications needed
5. School subjects that are useful
Analyse the qualities of a person in a non-traditional occupation
What influence has computer technology had on job choices?
In the Māia videos how is Māori culture/values upheld in the workplace? Is it important to you to work where your culture is valued? why/why not?
Judge, use criteria, rank, substantiate
Do you think people should be paid for all the work that they undertake? Give your reasons
What kind of job would you like to have? List 5 things that interest you about this type of work
How would you feel if you were denied the right to the career of your choice? Explain
Investigate laws which help to protect workers. Why do you think these laws were created?
What do you think the purpose of having young Maori students make these career videos was? Explain your answer
Combine information with new situations to create new products, ideas, etc
What would happen if all housework/ childcare became paid work? (150-200 words)
Use SCAMPER to help you create a new occupation
Compose a song/rap to encourage someone to undertake a non-traditional occupation
Design and/or construct a model of the perfect work environment
Create a CV - this can be real (applying for a part time job you may want with current skills/experience) or a future CV with your future skills/qualifications
Creating Continued
Interview or photograph a person in any career field. This could be in the style of "A day in the life of...". Write a short story, newspaper article or create a short film on this person (150-200 words)
Create a kids book introducing a range of different careers/jobs
Create a debate for and against student loans
Research a well-known New Zealand entrepreneur and present a time-line of their career and/or business decisions.
Create a careers map or family tree with particular reflection on the life roles and/or career paths of older family members

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